Roblox Aimbot

Download free Roblox aimbot. Roblox is a multiplayer mobile famous game if you want to get free aimbot for Roblox so download it here. Roblox aimbot is Roblox hacks bot that is not official for the gaming world. Aimbot for Roblox Hacks link below:


Roblox Aimbot:

Roblox Aimbot – a Roblox hack in a computer game, Our Roblox Aimbot program running in the background, which automatically Roblox exploits the weapon sight at the opponents, making the game much easier for the a person using this program – they just need to press a button. Using the Roblox aimbot or other Roblox hack in multiplayer games, if detected by the player, carries the risk of getting banned on the game server or in the cheat protection system.

Roblox Aimbot Functions:

There are many functions of the aimbot, and the exact number of them depends in particular on the game and the developer.

  • Slow Aim – slowly moving the sight to the target,
  • Auto Fire – the aimbot automatically fires when it locks on the target,
  • Aim Team – turns the aimbot on or off on allies,
  • Aim Key – the aimbot will only aim if you press and hold a given key,
  • Aim FOV – the field of action of the aimbot from the sight,
  • Smooth Aim – the speed with which the aimbot will lock the enemy,
  • On Zoom – the aimbot is activated only when the zoom of the weapon is on,
  • Silent Aim – the aimbot will hit the enemy even if the sight fails to lock onto him.

In addition, some Roblox hacks have the function of selecting the place of the opponent’s body where they are to target.

About Roblox Game:

Initial release date: 2005
Developer: Roblox Corporation
Engine: OGRE
Publisher: Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS, Android, macOS, Macintosh operating systems, Fire OS

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