Resident Evil Village Cheats – How to Activate Infinite Ammo Cheat

In Resident Evil 8 Village it is possible to activate a trick that allows you to obtain infinite ammo. However, this feature will be available after completing the main story.

How to unlock the infinite ammo cheat

There are 15 weapons with infinite ammo. After finishing the story (on any game difficulty), go to the title screen> Bonuses> Extra Content Shop. This shop uses a currency called CP which can be obtained by completing specific challenges in the game (different from the Lei currency used to purchase items from the Duke). The challenges become visible only after the first run, but those who have done during the first game will still be counted. You can check the challenges at any time in the pause menu during the game.

To make infinite ammo available for purchase you must also unlock all customizable parts of the weapon (2-3 per weapon) and also purchase all upgrades from Gunsmith from the Duke. Most of the weapons and customizable parts can be obtained by “trading” with the Duke, while others only when exploring the locations of Resident Evil 8 Village.

However, there is a simple trick you can take advantage of:

  • Go to the Duke’s shop
  • Create a manual save
  • Purchase a weapon and all upgrades and upgrades
  • Save to a different slot than the previous one and return to the main menu
  • Infinite ammo for that weapon will be available in the Extra Content Shop
  • Reload the manual save (the spent Lei will also be returned to you)
  • Do the same thing again for another weapon and another weapon until you have unlocked infinite ammo for all the weapons of your interest.
  • Remember to sell the treasures to get Her (enemies will drop more of Her on higher difficulties).

All weapons infinite

  • LEMI (pistol)
  • M1911 (pistol)
  • V61 Custom (pistol)
  • M1897 (shotgun)
  • W870 TAC (Shotgun)
  • SYG-12 (Shotgun)
  • F2 rifle (sniper)
  • GM 79 (grenade launcher)
  • M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum)
  • POLE. (Magnum)
  • WCX (assault rifle)
  • USM-AI (pistol)
  • Dragoon (assault rifle)
  • PZ Hand Cannon (Magnum)
  • Rocket gun (special)

Playing with infinite weapons does not disable trophies (PlayStation) or achievements (Xbox).

Note: The Grenade Launcher has no upgrade parts and its infinite ammo will be unlocked immediately after the story. You still have to buy the weapon from the Duke (if you haven’t already found it in history). You can also keep your previous inventory and Lei in New Game +. Simply reload the save you used after completing the story, then choose the difficulty for the new game.

For the higher difficulty “Shadow Village” it is highly recommended to have the infinite ammo cheat active for the STAKE (best Magnum in the game). With this weapon, you can face any danger without too many problems.

You can also enable or disable infinite ammo at any time from Main Menu> Options> Game Settings. However, it will not be possible to reset PCs (bonus content store currency), so choose wisely what to spend it on.

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