PUBG Aimbot

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) – multiplayer computer game genre battle royale created by the studio PUBG Corporation, part of the Korean studio Bluehole. The game was released in early access on the PC in March 2017, the premiere of the game on Xbox One took place on December 12, 2017, and on December 21 of the same year, version 1.0 was released for personal computers.

The game belongs to the battle royale genre. Up to 100 people can play on the server at the same time. At the beginning of the game, the player’s character jumps out of the plane with a parachute. After landing, the player tries to find equipment hidden in random places on the map that may be helpful in survival. The main task of the player is to eliminate other players and avoid contact with the deadly barrier surrounding the game area, which is constantly shrinking and limiting the area of ​​operation for players. The match is won by the player whose character is the only one remaining alive on the map. There is also the possibility of a team game in the game.

PUBG Aimbot:

PUBG Aimbot – a cheat in a computer game, Our PUBG Aimbot program running in the background, which automatically sets the weapon sight at the opponents, making the game much easier for a person using this program – they just need to press a button. Using the PUBG aimbot or other cheats in multiplayer games, if detected by the player, carries the risk of getting banned on the game server or in the cheat protection system.

PUBG Aimbot Functions:

There are many functions of the aimbot, and the exact number of them depends in particular on the game and the developer.

  • Slow Aim – slowly moving the sight to the target,
  • Auto Fire – the aimbot automatically fires when it locks on the target,
  • Aim Team – turns the aimbot on or off on allies,
  • Aim Key – the aimbot will only aim if you press and hold a given key,
  • Aim FOV – the field of action of the aimbot from the sight,
  • Smooth Aim – the speed with which the aimbot will lock the enemy,
  • On Zoom – the aimbot is activated only when the zoom of the weapon is on,
  • Silent Aim – the aimbot will hit the enemy even if the sight fails to lock onto him.

In addition, some aimbots have the function of selecting the place of the opponent’s body where they are to target.





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